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Your time is one, and Bolivia is your destiny !!!

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About Us

Tucandera Tours is a family business dedicated exclusively to tourism of nature and culture in Samaipata, Santa Cruz and Bolivia.
It is managed by its owners Saul Arias and Elva Villegas both Biologists with a lot of experience in National Parks and Biological Diversity in general. They are joined by their families who in absentia assume the same commitment to service.


We invite you to experience and discover the fascinating secrets that still preserve the jungles and mountains of the national parks                 Carrasco, Amboro, Otuquis of the Bolivian Pantanal, Kaa-Iya of the Gran Chaco, the Great Amazon and many other places.

Good Organization

We organize customized tours for one or more days, offering alternatives according to your time and resources.


Our services are highly competitive in terms of quality and with very reasonable prices. Recognized as one of the best operators in the region.

Good Attention

We are always ready to help resolve any questions that may arise.
Remember that we do this because we like it!!!


Saul, our guide is a biologist with a specialty in Ornithology with more than 20 years of experience in field work, especially national parks and other natural areas of interest for the conservation of birds, and supposedly in observation of birds.

We are specialists in birds of Bolivia, we live here. and we are well informed about places to observe birds. In addition, we complement your stay with good hotels and restaurants.

Consult us without obligation, we will help you build your experience !!!

Only For Photographers

We take you to natural sites made for amateur and professional photographers of birds. Sites with more versatility to take photos, more open spaces, with greater density and diversity of species.

Following Parrots, Macaws and Parakeets

Bolivia is the paradise of Parabas, Parrots and Parakeets, and we take you to meet them. In this tour we concentrate on natural sites where they live and can observe these species, and of course we complement other species that share the same habitat. Ask us about places, times and other details of your interest, it does not bother us !!!

Condor Hill

It is the best place in South America to observe and photograph the Condor of the Andes. It has the highest sighting record in Bolivia and South America, its environment is an exuberant geography and landscape fragmented by rivers and streams that exhibit large boulders that consolidate the perfect habitat of Condors and other vultures. Eventually it is common there; that the tropical condor and other raptors appear like eagles, eaglets and hawks.

What places you can visit

In this section you will find information and photos of the sites you can visit.
Tucandera Tours offers this and more!!!


Saul Arias Cossio


Ornithologist cataloged as one of the best in the country.

Elva Villegas Nuñez


Biologist recognized as one of the best guides in the region.


Calle Bolivar

Tucandera Tours.


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