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Cloud Forest (La Yunga).


1 day, or more.


High areas of the Amboro National Park.

Access time:

50 to 60 min in car.

Walking time:

5 to 6 hours.


the walks are circuits between 2,200 to 2,460 meters above sea level.


Wear mountain boots or good shoes and raincoat.


Walk recommended for people between 10 to 50 years.


Normally this jungle is free of mosquitos, marigui and ticks.


The Cloud Forest is a forest complex that was born in Samaipata and extends to Colombia, right on the wet slope east of the Andes.

Within this forest are fragments of the oldest forests on earth, locally called La Yunga. With this name we recognize a mountainous complex that protects a group of plants for more than 300 million years, times in which the animals that we know did not exist yet.

These fragments of forests that survived prehistoric periods survive thanks to the very rugged geography with deep valleys that formed an impassable natural barrier. Now they are protected and protected in the Amboro National Park.

The forest of La Yunga is the best opportunity for the imagination of the great explorers and naturalists. We will take you to remote places guided by experts and biologists who know your job.