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1 ay or more.


Southeast of the Amboro National Park.

Access Time:

60 to 70 minutes by car.

Walking time:

6 hours approximately.


The walks are circuits between 800 and 1000 meters above sea level.


Wear mountain boots or good shoes and raincoat.


Recommended walk for people between 10 to 60 years old.


Bring repellent, sunscreen and clothes to bathe.


The car climbs up to Laguna Volcanes, the same refuge for many species of wild animals, especially water birds.

This route is very famous for the diversity of birds and butterflies that depending on the time, you could take advantage of the most beautiful butterflies of the jungle.

Descending from the peaks we will find fragments of tropical jungles with many species of birds and butterflies. You could appreciate the most beautiful giant butterflies of the jungle.

The circuit ends with a walk along the Bermejo River, which is lined by huge cliffs inhabited by raptors, gorse, flycatchers and lizards. Normally this river is an important source of wild fruits, which depending on the season you can taste guayabillas, guavas, cherimoyas, turere, pacaycillo and other wild fruits. If you are a bird lover, Volcanoes is one of the most important sites for bird watching.