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Kaa-Iya National Park.


5 to 6 days.


Kaa-Iya National Park (Gran chaco).

Access Time:

7 to 8 hours by road and 3 hours by land (in car).

Walk Time:

5 to 6 hours daily approximately.


Wear mountain boots or good shoes and raincoat.


Walk recommended for people of legal age or minors accompanied by a responsible.


You should wear boots or walking shoes, raincoats, hats, repellents, sunscreen, a good flashlight, long-sleeved clothing and personal items for daily use.

The tours involve some previous stops in specific places like San Jose where you can see birds of prey, capivaras among others.


The Kaa-Iya National Park of the Gran Chaco is the largest protected area in Bolivia with 3,441,115 hectares. This large area and its good state of conservation, constitutes it in the last opportunity of conservation of the great South American mammals, the majority threatened of extinction. The jaguar, the Puma, the Flag Bear and the Tapir are the park's star animals.

This is the best opportunity for the dreams of the great explorers and naturalists of the great South American mammals. We will take you to remote places guided by expert biologists who are very good at your job ... !!!