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Elbow of the Andes (Bella Vista).


1 to 2 days.


Rocky peaks of La Coca Mountains (local community) and Bella Vista to the Northeast of the Codo de Los Andes Municipal Protected Area.

Access Time:

80 to 90 minutes in car.

Walk Time:

5 to 6 hours.


The walks are circuits between 1,900 and 2,200 meters above sea level.


Wear mountain boots or good shoes, hat and raincoat.


Recommended walk for people between 12 and 60 years old.


More than 95% of the time you walk on more or less narrow trails (1 to 2 m) inside the Tucuman - Bolivian Forest and you only climb the peaks to reach the best views.


Coca and Bella Vista are small communities that are located within the Codo de los Andes Municipal Protected Area and were recently included within the Integrated Natural Management Area (ANMI) Río Grande - Valles Cruceños. Just east of the city of Samaipata.

Its rugged landscape is the result of the imbrication of the two most important tectonic plates that make up South America (the Andes technical plate and the Chiquitano-Brazilian technical plate). This imbrication zone forms a strip of corrugated mountains even with permanent geological activity, that is to say that there are mountains that still continue to grow while others tend to disappear.

This circuit is located at the beginning of the Yunga Seca that was born in Samaipata and goes to the north of Argentina, also known as Selva Tucumana Boliviana. There are many important species for mankind, such as walnuts, cedars, tajibos, villca, among others.

It is called Yunga Seca because at least three months of the year the trees lose their leaves partially, however, in rainy season it is a very humid and often cloudy jungle like the Andean Yunga.